Qualified St Paul Criminal Defense Attorney

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Criminal Lawyer

The main objective of a criminal defense lawyer, like Ambrose Law Firm,  is to successfully represent their client (defendant) in the criminal system. Only a qualified St Paul Criminal Defense Attorney can help their defendant to get a favorable outcome. Thus, it is important for all defendants to chosen the right attorney to defend them.

Why go with an expert?Attorney Court Room in St Paul MN

Kidnapping, murder, assault and/or battery are some examples of crimes against a person, whereas arson, shoplifting, burglary are common crime against property. These mentioned crimes and other such criminal offenses are serious offenses in the eye of the law. If a defendant is charged or arrested for any one of these crimes then they need to protect themselves under the law immediately. Without a doubt, it is an exceedingly specialized area of law and only an expert in criminal defense who is familiar with all the laws and regulations of Minnesota and St Paul can provide the right kind of help. Besides, only an expert and experienced criminal defense lawyer is familiar with legal ways to protect their defendants’ constitutional rights.

Different criminal cases

Going with a qualified criminal defense attorney would mean that the client can get expert legal advice and help no matter what their criminal case is about. Some of the different criminal cases that most qualified criminal lawyers in St Paul handle are as follows:

  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Assault and battery
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug charges
  • DWI and DUI
  • Hit and run
  • Property crimes
  • Felonies and misdemeanors

In case of an arrest

If a person is arrested for a crime that does not mean it is all over for the person in question. An arrest means that the police officer in charge of the case believes that there is a probable cause because of which the person committed the crime. The arrest needs to be verified by a judge or attorney. So, taking a help from an expert criminal defense lawyer will be the right choice here. An expert criminal defense lawyer in Saint Paul Minnesota will represent the defendant i.e. the person who is arrested in settlement conference, pretrial hearings, arraignments, trails and sentence hearings. They will take care of these and other such legal formalities to ensure that their defendant is proven innocent in the eye of the law.

In case of an investigation

A qualified criminal defense attorney can help a person even before they get arrested i.e. before a prosecuting lawyer has filed any charges against the person. Suppose a person knows that he is being investigated for a crime. In such a case, this person can take the help of an expert criminal defense lawyer to resolve the case by appealing an agreement with the DA’s office.

These were some of the reasons why it is important to take help from only an expert St Paul Criminal Defense Attorney.