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Hail and Wind in Storms can Cause Damage to Your Roof

During a storm, rain drives down heavily and wind starts screaming across the countryside and along with this there can be the presence of hail. In such instances, your roof takes a major beating. However, when hail and wind have passed, you still don’t know the extent of damage to your roof or siding. Consulting with a professional like, – roofing contractors Maple Grove MN to assess the damage is a smart choice.

When it comes to roof damage, ignorance is never considered to be bliss. Preventive maintenance is considered to be the key to longevity in a system. Before you take any steps, you need to understand how hail and wind damage your roof.

Understanding what’s happening on your roof during a severe storm can help you inspect the damage properly. It also helps you decide whether you should call Maple Grove roofing professional to assess the damage or not. In the end, it saves a lot of your time, energy and money.

When it comes to roof damage, there’s a long list of factors that may affect the extent of damage. Some of these include building location, roof type and severity of the storm. However, there are two factors that have the most impact on the condition of your roof. These are hail and wind.

Damaging Hail and Wind

Roofs are specifically designed to resist excess wind and hail loads in their location. However, no roof can withstand extreme wind events, such as tornadoes. In between twisters and breezes is a range of wind speeds that damage your roof system to a great extent.

When wind moves over the roof, its effect isn’t uniform. Some regions are always subject to more damage. On the basis of wind’s direction, the location of your roof and the shape of your roof, there may be suction or negative pressure. All these factors affect the extent of damage caused to your roof.

Hire Professionals

In order to assess and repair your hail damaged roof, you should consult only professional roofing companies Maple Grove MN. It makes sure your roof is repaired properly by experienced and skilled professionals. Qualified professionals use only latest equipment to manage repairs and even offer preventive maintenance services to make sure your roof stays in excellent condition.

These days, most roofing contractors have their own websites, where you can easily schedule a consultation. Before you choose a professional, you should check his background, experience, certification and insurance. You should only hire a professional with a strong record in maintaining and repairing different kinds of roofs